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thin verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
thinned, has thinned, is thinning, thins
diluirse, aguarse (dícese de un líquido), enrarecerse (dícese de un gas); hacer menos denso, diluir, aguar (un líquido), enrarecer (un gas)

Example sentences of
thin verb

  • He added a little more water to thin the gravy.
  • The haze thinned in the late afternoon.
  • His face has been thinned by illness.

thin adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
delgado, esbelto, flaco; ralo, escaso; claro, aguado, diluido; fino

Example sentences of
thin adjective

  • There is a thin coating of dust.
  • I like my pizza with a thin crust.
  • Please put a thin slice of cheese in my sandwich.
  • a thin stand of trees

Synonyms of
thin adjective

Detailed synonyms for thin adjective

Thin, slender, slim, slight, tenuous significan que no es grueso, amplio, abundante o denso.
  • Thin indica una extensión relativamente pequeña entre dos superficies, o en diámetro <thin wire>, o puede bien connotar falta de sustancia, riqueza o abundancia <soup that was thin and tasteless>.
    antonyms: thick, fat, wide
  • Slender indica delgadez o magrez, a menudo acompañadas de gracia y proporción <the chair's slender legs>.
    antonyms: broad
  • Slim se aplica a una esbeltez que connota fragilidad o escasez <the plan had only a slim chance of success>.
  • Slight indica pequeñez al igual que delgadez <though he was as slight as a boy, he was wiry and strong>.
    antonyms: stout
  • Tenuous indica una extrema delgadez, delicadeza o falta de sustancia y de firmeza <had tenuous family connections with the president>.

Related phrases for thin

Reverse translation for thin

aguarse  (dícese de un líquido)
enrarecerse  (dícese de un gas)
diluir  - to dilute 
aguar  (un líquido) - to water down, to dilute 
enrarecer  (un gas) - to rarefy 
delgado  - thin, skinny, slender, slim, delicate, fine, sharp, clever 
esbelto  - slender, slim 
flaco  - thin, skinny, feeble, weak 
ralo  - sparse, thin 
escaso  - scarce, scant, sparse 
claro  - bright, clear, pale, fair, light, clear, evident 
aguado  - watered-down, diluted, soft, flabby, dull, boring 
fino  - fine, excellent, delicate, slender, refined, sharp, acute, subtle 
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