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tense adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tenso, tirante; nervioso

Example sentences of
tense adjective

  • She was feeling pretty tense.
  • Why are you so tense?
  • We sat quietly for a few tense moments.
  • It was a tense meeting.
  • My calf muscles are really tense.

Synonyms of
tense adjective

Detailed synonyms for tense adjective

See: Stiff, Tight

tense noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
tiempo (de un verbo)

Example sentences of
tense noun

  • The sentence will read better if you change the tense of the verb.
  • You should avoid changing tense in the middle of a paragraph.

tense verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tensed, has tensed, is tensing, tenses
tensar; tensarse, ponerse tenso

Example sentences of
tense verb

  • She tensed as he walked toward her.
  • He tensed up and missed the putt.

tensar verbo

to tense, to make taut; to draw (a bow)

tener verbo

to have; to hold; to feel, to make

Phrasal verbs for tense

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Reverse translation for tense

tenso  - tense, (slang) wired 
tirante  - tense, strained, taut 
nervioso  - nervous, nerve, high-strung, restless, anxious, vigorous, energetic 
tiempo  (de un verbo) - time, period, age, season, moment, weather, tempo (in music), half (in sports), tense (in grammar) 
tensar  - to tense, to make taut, to draw (a bow) 
tensarse  - to become tense 
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