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noun | verb

taste noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
prueba, bocado (de comida), trago (de bebidas); gusto, sabor

Example sentences of
taste noun

  • The wine had a slightly bitter taste.
  • She likes the taste of apples and cinnamon.
  • I detected a strong taste of ginger in the sauce.
  • The illness affected her sense of taste.

Synonyms of
taste noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • Si tienes un have a taste for, eso significa que te gusta algo o que estás dispuesto a hacerlo. Por ejemplo: He has a taste for adventure. (le gusta ir de aventuras). They don't have a taste for politics. (No les interesa meterse en política). She has a taste for French wine. (Le gusta el vino francés en particular)

taste verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
tasted, has tasted, is tasting, tastes
probar (alimentos), degustar, catar (vinos); saber

Example sentences of
taste verb

  • The pie tasted too sweet.
  • The wine tastes like vinegar.
  • She said there was garlic in the sauce, but I couldn't really taste it.
  • Have you ever tasted anything so delicious?
  • I tasted the tea and put more sugar in it.
  • She offered to taste the wine.
  • He tasted the tea to see if it was sweet enough.
  • This is the first food I've tasted since yesterday.
  • She talked about the day when she first tasted the joy of flying.
  • He has tasted the frustration of defeat.

Synonyms of
taste verb

Detailed synonyms for taste verb

Taste, flavor significan la propiedad de una sustancia que hace que ésta sea perceptible por el sentido gustativo.
  • Taste indica simplemente la propiedad <the taste of honey>.
  • Flavor connota la interacción de los sentidos del gusto y del olfato <trying to sort out the dessert's many flavors>.

Related phrases for taste

Reverse translation for taste

prueba  - proof, evidence, trial, test, proof (in printing or photography), event, qualifying round (in sports) 
bocado  (de comida) - bite, mouthful, bit (of a bridle) 
trago  (de bebidas) - swallow, swig, drink, liquor 
gusto  - flavor, taste, taste, style, pleasure, liking, whim, fancy 
sabor  - flavor, taste 
probar  (alimentos) - to demonstrate, to prove, to try, to test, to try out, to try on (clothing), to taste, to sample 
degustar  - to taste 
catar  (vinos) - to taste, to sample, to look at, to examine 
saber  - to know, to know, to suppose, to be informed, to know how to, to be able to, to learn, to find out, to taste 
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