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talk verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
talked, has talked, is talking, talks
hablar; influenciar, convencer; charlar, platicar

Example sentences of
talk verb

  • She never talks at the meetings.
  • He did most of the talking during dinner.
  • He loves to hear himself talk.
  • I think she's talking a lot of nonsense.
  • I can't talk right now. I'm running late.
  • They were talking in Spanish.
  • We talked on the phone until midnight.
  • Both sides in the dispute are now willing to talk.
  • They are in the conference room talking business.
  • She had laryngitis and couldn't talk.

Synonyms of
talk verb

¿Cuáles preposiciones siguen a talk?
  • Uno puede talk to a alguien sobre algo, o talk with alguien sobre algo. Talk to implica a menudo dar direcciones o información de un grupo a otro, mientras que talk with implica una conversación de dos direcciones. Por ejemplo: I'd like to talk to you about my new project. Let's talk with them about how we can resolve this issue.
¿Qué significa I talked him into doing it?
  • Si tu talk a alguien into hacer algo, significa que lo convenciste de hacerlo. Por ejemplo: I've talked her into buying a new car (la convencí de comprar un nuevo auto).
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre talk y speak?
  • Los verbos talk y speak son casi sinónimos, y a menudo intercambiables, pero en algunos contextos solo se puede usar uno de ellos.
    Cuando se refiere a la habilidad de comunicarse en un idioma en particular, se usa speak. Por ejemplo: She speaks English and French, but she can't speak Spanish.
    Cuando se pregunta por alguien por teléfono, speak with es más común: May I speak with John, please?
    (pero May I talk to John, please? también es posible). Cuando se habla del contenido de algo, se usa frecuentemente talk: Let's meet tomorrow and talk about these issues. Cuando se habla de la habilidad humana de usar un lenguaje se dice talk. Por ejemplo: The baby is one year old and has just started talking. I suggest you get to work and don't talk too much.
    En la mayoría de los casos, tanto speak como talk pueden ser usados, pero speak suena un poco más formal. Por ejemplo: Dr. Smith will speak about new developments in medicine. Jane is going to talk about our company party next week.

Detailed synonyms for talk verb

See: Speak

talk noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
charla, plática, conversación; chisme, rumores

Example sentences of
talk noun

  • the noted author's talk on the state of the modern novel
  • what good will all this talk do when we need to take action now?

Synonyms of
talk noun

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Reverse translation for talk

hablar  - to speak (a language), to speak, to talk, to talk about, to discuss 
influenciar  - to influence 
convencer  - to convince, to persuade 
charlar  - to chat, to talk 
platicar  - to talk, to chat, to tell, to say 
charla  - chat, talk 
plática  - talk, lecture, chat, conversation 
conversación  - conversation 
chisme  - gossip, tale, gadget, thingamajig 
rumores  - rumor, murmur 
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