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3 Translation results for switch in Spanish

noun | verb | sustantivo

switch noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vara; cambio; interruptor, llave (de la luz, etc.)

Example sentences of
switch noun

  • She flicked a switch and turned the lamp on.
  • He threw the switch to stop the machine.

Synonyms of
switch noun

switch verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
switched, has switched, is switching, switches
azotar; moverse de un lado al otro; cambiar; cambiar de; intercambiar; intercambiarse

Example sentences of
switch verb

  • I switched to a new doctor.
  • He kept switching back and forth between topics.
  • She switched back to her original insurance company.
  • We switched over to a different telephone service.
  • Why did you switch jobs?

Synonyms of
switch verb

switch sustantivo


Phrasal verbs for switch

Related phrases for switch

Reverse translation for switch

vara  - pole, stick, rod, staff (of office), lance, pike (in bullfighting), yardstick 
cambio  - change, alteration, exchange, change (money) 
interruptor  - (electrical) switch, circuit breaker 
llave  (de la luz, etc.) - key, faucet, switch, brace (punctuation mark) 
azotar  - to whip, to flog, to lash, to batter, to devastate, to afflict 
cambiar  - to change, to change, to exchange, to trade 
intercambiar  - to exchange, to trade 
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