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sweet adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
dulce; fresco; sin sal (dícese de la mantequilla, etc.); agradable; querido

Example sentences of
sweet adjective

  • She likes her coffee sweet.
  • That candy is too sweet.
  • He's a really sweet guy.
  • She has a sweet smile.
  • It was sweet of her to take care of them.

Detailed synonyms for sweet adjective

Sweet, engaging, winning, charming, adorable, delightful, appealing significan definitivamente agradable o encantador, y libre de todo lo que puede ser irritante o desagradable.
  • Sweet suele ser un término de aprobación leve y general que se aplica a lo que agrada o atrae sin conmover profundamente <what a sweet little cottage>, pero a veces puede connotar un exceso empalagoso de algo que es agradable en moderación <a sweet smell>.
    antonyms: sour, bitter
  • Engaging suele recalcar el poder de atraer, y a menudo, de ocupar una atención favorable <an engaging smile>.
  • Winning es cercano a engaging pero tiende a recalcar el poder de agradar o de encantar <his daughter's winning personality>.
  • Charming significa extremadamente deleitable <all her friends said they found her parents charming>.
  • Adorable, un término un poco coloquial, connota altamente encantador y adorable <what an adorable child>.
  • Delightful significa altamente agradable <the entire evening had been delightful>.
  • Appealing connota tener atracción <the book needs a more appealing title>.

sweet noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
sweet noun

  • I'm trying to cut down on sweets.
  • remember to brush your teeth after eating sweets

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Reverse translation for sweet

dulce  - sweet, mild, gentle, mellow 
fresco  - fresh, cool, insolent, nervy 
sin sal  (dícese de la mantequilla, etc.)
agradable  - pleasant, agreeable 
querido  - dear, beloved 
dulce  - candy, sweet 
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