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suppress verb

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suppressed, has suppressed, is suppressing, suppresses
sofocar, suprimir, reprimir (una rebelión, etc.); ocultar (información); reprimir, contener

Example sentences of
suppress verb

  • Political dissent was brutally suppressed.
  • The governor tried to suppress the news.
  • He struggled to suppress his feelings of jealousy.
  • She could not suppress her anger.
  • I had to suppress an urge to tell him what I really thought.

Detailed synonyms for suppress verb

1. Suppress, repress, stifle, silence, censor, squelch significan contener, de manera más o menos forzosa, a uno que busca un escape.
  • Suppress indica el aplacar o el contener completamente, normalmente mediante el uso de poder o violencia grande u opresiva <suppressed the revolt> <suppressed a laugh>.
  • Repress indica poco más que el refrenar o contener, y a veces connota que lo que se contiene puede manifestarse de nuevo o de diferente manera <for years she had repressed these desires>.
  • Stifle connota retener de la circulación o de la expresión <the dissenting voices that the government had stifled for years>.
  • Silence connota el restringir la expresión <he attempted to speak but was silenced>.
  • Censor sugiere suprimir o borrar algo que se cree es objetable <army officials regularly censored the soldiers' letters>.
  • Squelch significa suprimir completamente <having taken power, he set out to squelch the democratic opposition>.
2. See: Crush

Reverse translation for suppress

sofocar  - to suffocate, to smother, to extinguish, to put out (a fire), to crush, to put down 
suprimir  - to suppress, to eliminate, to delete 
reprimir  (una rebelión, etc.) - to repress, to suppress, to stifle 
ocultar  (información) - to conceal, to hide 
reprimir  - to repress, to suppress, to stifle 
contener  - to contain, to hold, to restrain, to hold back 
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