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noun | verb

strike noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
golpe; huelga, paro; ataque

Example sentences of
strike noun

  • The newspaper reported a strike by airline pilots.
  • The workers are on strike.
  • Workers threatened to take strike action.
  • The allies have launched several strikes.

Synonyms of
strike noun

strike verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
struck, has struck, is striking, strikes
golpear (a una persona); golpear; atacar; suprimir, tachar; declararse en huelga; acuñar (monedas); dar (la hora); sobrevenir; impresionar, parecer; encender (un fósforo); descubrir (oro, petróleo); adoptar (una pose, etc.)

Example sentences of
strike verb

  • The ship struck an iceberg.
  • The car struck the tree.
  • The bullet struck him in the leg.
  • The cyclist was struck by a car.
  • The tree was struck by lightning.
  • He fell and his head struck the pavement.
  • I could hear the rain striking the rooftop.
  • She struck the cymbals together.
  • The killer struck him with a blunt object.
  • She accidentally struck another player in the face.
¿Sabías esto?
  • Si los dos lados strike a deal o strike a bargain, eso significa que negociaron y llegaron a un acuerdo satisfactorio.

Detailed synonyms for strike verb

1. Strike, hit, slap, swat, punch, whack, sock, belt, smack significan entrar en contacto o llevar al contacto con un fuerte golpe.
  • Strike puede indicar básicamente el dirigir y asestar un golpe con la mano, un arma o una herramienta, y con una fuerza moderada o intensa <the tree had been struck by lightning>.
  • Hit suele recalcar el impacto del golpe, o la reacción de la persona o cosa que lo recibe <the children were hitting each other>.
  • Slap se aplica primordialmente al acto de golpear con la mano abierta, e indica un golpe que es agudo, o que hace escocer, y que se asesta con la palma de la mano <waves slapped against the boat>.
  • Swat connota un golpe que bofetea con fuerza, y que se da con un instrumento tal como un matamoscas o un bate de béisbol <he could swat a baseball out of the ballpark>.
  • Punch indica un golpe rápido y agudo dado con el puño o algo similar <punched him in the face>.
  • Whack, un término informal, significa pegar, generalmente con un implemento <whacked the bull on its nose>.
  • Sock, belt, smack son términos informales que significan pegar, generalmente con un puño o un implemento <socked him in the jaw> <belted the ball straight into the pitcher's glove> <told how she had smacked the guy right in the face>.
2. See: Affect

Phrasal verbs for strike

Related phrases for strike

Reverse translation for strike

golpe  - blow, knock 
huelga  - strike 
paro  - strike, stoppage, stopping 
ataque  - attack, assault, fit 
golpear  (a una persona) - to beat (up), to hit, to knock (at a door), to beat, to slam, to bang, to strike 
golpear  - to beat (up), to hit, to knock (at a door), to beat, to slam, to bang, to strike 
atacar  - to attack 
suprimir  - to suppress, to eliminate, to delete 
tachar  - to cross out, to delete 
acuñar  (monedas) - to rock, to cradle 
dar  (la hora) - to give, to suffice, to be enough, to deliver, to hand over, to hit, to strike, to yield, to produce, to perform, to give off, to emit 
sobrevenir  - to take place, to come about 
impresionar  - to impress, to strike, to make an impression, to affect, to move 
parecer  - to seem, to look, to appear to be, to think, to have an opinion, to like, to be in agreement 
encender  (un fósforo) - to light, to light, to set fire to, to switch on, to start (a motor), to arouse, to kindle 
descubrir  (oro, petróleo) - to discover, to find out, to uncover, to reveal 
adoptar  (una pose, etc.) - to adopt (a measure), to take (a decision), to adopt (children) 
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