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2 Translation results for step in Spanish

noun | verb

step noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
paso; escalón, peldaño; travesaño; medida

Example sentences of
step noun

  • She took one step forward.
  • The baby took her first steps today.
  • I heard steps on the stairs.
  • The edge of the cliff was only about three steps to my left.
  • The cottage is just steps from the beach.
  • He walks with a spring in his step.
  • She walked down the hall with a quick step.
  • a major step towards independence
  • We are taking steps to correct the situation.

Synonyms of
step noun

step verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stepped, has stepped, is stepping, steps
dar un paso

Example sentences of
step verb

  • She stepped onto the bus.
  • They stepped aside to let her pass.
  • Please step away from the door.
  • He stepped outside for a moment.
  • Step in my office for a minute.

Phrasal verbs for step

Reverse translation for step

paso  - passage, passing, way, path, crossing, step, pace, gait 
escalón  - echelon, step, rung 
peldaño  - step, stair, rung 
travesaño  - crossbar, crossbeam, crosspiece, transom (of a window) 
medida  - measurement, measure, measure, step, moderation, prudence, extent, degree 
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