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state noun

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estado, condición; nación; estado (dentro de un país)

Example sentences of
state noun

  • Happiness is the state or condition of being happy.
  • We must keep our armed forces in a constant state of readiness.
  • She meditates to achieve a higher state of being.
  • The building is in such a sorry state that it's hardly worth fixing.
  • water in a gaseous state
  • the solid and liquid states
  • the member states of the United Nations Security Council
  • The state provides free education.

Synonyms of
state noun

Detailed synonyms for state noun

State, condition, situation, status, standing significan la manera en la que uno manifiesta su existencia, las circunstancias bajo las cuales uno existe o por medio de las cuales recibe uno un carácter definido.
  • State indica muy a menudo la suma de las cualidades que una existencia supone en un tiempo y lugar en particular <the present state of the economy>.
  • Condition indica de manera más específica el efecto de influencias inmediatas o temporales <her grandmother's condition declined steadily over several months>.
  • Situation indica un arreglo de circunstancias que resulta en una condición en particular, tal como la vergüenza, la ventaja o la dificultad <the changing political situation>.
  • Status se aplica al estado o la condición de uno, determinado de manera específica, para uso administrativos legales, o por consideraciones sociales o económicas <asked about the current status of the project>.
  • Standing indica la posición o condición de uno en la sociedad o en una profesión, o la posición de alguien o algo relativo a un estándar de logro <improved his standing among his peers>.

state verb

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stated, has stated, is stating, states
puntualizar, exponer (los hechos, etc.); establecer, fijar

Example sentences of
state verb

  • The lawyer will state the facts of the case.
  • He stated his name in full.
  • I was merely stating an opinion.
  • “This is a difficult situation,” he stated simply.
  • Please state the purpose of your visit.
  • I'd like to state for the record that I disagree with the board's decision.
  • For the reasons stated above, I hereby withdraw from the competition.
  • The rules clearly state that you can only draw one card.

Synonyms of
state verb

Detailed synonyms for state verb

See: Say

Related phrases for state

Reverse translation for state

estado  - state, status, condition 
condición  - condition, state, capacity, position 
nación  - nation, country, people (of a country) 
estado  (dentro de un país) - state, status, condition 
puntualizar  - to specify, to state, to point out 
exponer  (los hechos, etc.) - to lay out, to exhibit, to show, to display, to explain, to present, to set forth, to expose, to risk 
establecer  - to establish, to found, to set up 
fijar  - to fasten, to affix, to establish, to set up, to set, to fix 
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