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starting point
punto de partida
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start verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
started, has started, is starting, starts
levantarse de un salto, sobresaltarse, dar un respingo; empezar, comenzar, iniciar; provocar, causar; salir (de viaje, etc.); fundar, montar, establecer; arrancar (dícese de un motor); arrancar, poner en marcha, encender

Example sentences of
start verb

  • They started clearing land for the new housing development.
  • He started studying music at the age of five.
  • As soon as you're ready to play, we'll start.
  • Let's start with some warm-up exercises.
  • He deleted what he wrote and started fresh.
  • Olympic athletes start young and train hard.
  • I started the quilt last month.
  • Have you started your book report?
  • We started the meeting at 6:30.
  • She started the meeting with a brief review of the previous meeting.

point noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
punto; cualidad; fin, propósito; lugar; punto (en una escala); momento, coyuntura; punta; cabo; punto (marca de puntuación)

Example sentences of
point noun

  • She showed us several graphs to illustrate the point she was making.
  • I see your point, but I don't think everyone will agree.
  • There's no use in arguing the point.
  • He made a very good point about the need for change.
  • Let me make one final point.
  • That's the point I've been trying to make.
  • “What's your point?” “Actually, I have two points.”
  • My point is simply that we must do something to help the homeless.
  • “If we leave now, we won't make it back in time.” “That's a good point.”
  • There are two critical points that I would like to discuss.
  • The number 9.5 is read aloud as “nine point five.”
¿Qué significa to miss the point?
  • Si alguien miss the point, eso significa que esa persona falla en comprender el nudo del asunto. Por ejemplo: Looking for hotels in Paris is fun, but you are missing my point. I'd rather go to South America.