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stammer verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stammered, has stammered, is stammering, stammers
tartamudear, titubear

Example sentences of
stammer verb

  • “I d-don't know what you're talking about!” she stammered.
  • He stammered an excuse and fled.
  • "I d-don't know what you're talking about!" she stammered.

Synonyms of
stammer verb

Detailed synonyms for stammer verb

Stammer, stutter, splutter significan hablar con titubeos o hesitación.
  • Stammer indica una inhibición temporal causada por el miedo, la vergüenza o el choque <stammered his thanks>.
  • Stutter suele connotar un defecto habitual caracterizado por la repetición de sonidos, pero puede aplicarse a una manifestación similar que se debe a una causa temporal <he often stutters when he's excited>, o incluso, al igual que stammer, puede aplicarse a algo que sigue las pautas de un tartamudeo <the engine stuttered to life>.
  • Splutter significa decir o hablar precipitadamente y confusamente <surprised and embarrassed, he spluttered out some nonsense about his opponents>.

Reverse translation for stammering

tartamudear  - to stammer, to stutter 
titubear  - to hesitate, to stutter, to stammer 
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