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2 Translation results for stall in Spanish

verb | noun

stall verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
stalled, has stalled, is stalling, stalls
parar (un motor); pararse (dícese de un motor); demorar, andar con rodeos; entretener (a una persona)

Detailed synonyms for stall verb

See: Hesitate

stall noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
compartimiento (de un establo); puesto (en un mercado, etc.)

Reverse translation for stall

parar  (un motor) - to stop, to stop, to stand, to prop, to stay, to put up 
pararse  (dícese de un motor) - to stop, to stall (out), to stand up, to get up 
demorar  - to delay, to linger, to delay, to take, to last 
entretener  (a una persona) - to entertain, to amuse, to distract, to delay, to hold up 
compartimiento  (de un establo) - compartment 
puesto  (en un mercado, etc.) - place, position, position, job, kiosk, stand, stall 
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