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3 Translation results for square in Spanish

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square noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cuadrado, cuadro; escuadra (instrumento); plaza (de una ciudad); cuadrado (en matemáticas)
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Example sentences of
square noun

  • The fabric is decorated with circles and squares.
  • Cut the brownies into squares.
  • The board has red and black squares.

square verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
squared, has squared, is squaring, squares
cuadrar; elevar al cuadrado (en matemáticas); conciliar (con), ajustar (con); saldar (una cuenta)

Example sentences of
square verb

  • The machine squares the wood into flat boards.
  • If you square 3, you get 9.

Detailed synonyms for square verb

See: Agree

square adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
cuadrado (en matemáticas); a escuadra, en ángulo recto; (informal, figurado) cuadrado, aburrido, retrógrado, anticuado; justo

Example sentences of
square adjective

  • The room has four square corners.
  • received a square hearing from the disciplinary panel

Synonyms of
square adjective

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Reverse translation for square

cuadrado  - square 
cuadro  - square, painting, picture, baseball diamond, infield, panel, board, cadre 
escuadra  (instrumento) - square (instrument), fleet, squadron 
plaza  (de una ciudad) - square, plaza, marketplace, room, space, seat (in a vehicle), post, position 
cuadrado  (en matemáticas) - square 
cuadrar  - to conform, to agree, to square 
elevar al cuadrado  (en matemáticas)
conciliar  (con) - to conciliate, to reconcile 
ajustar  (con) - to adjust, to adapt, to take in (clothing), to settle, to resolve 
saldar  (una cuenta) - to settle, to pay off, to sell-off 
cuadrado  (en matemáticas) - square 
cuadrado  (informal, figurado)
aburrido  - bored, tired, fed up, boring, tedious 
retrógrado  - reactionary, retrograde 
anticuado  - antiquated, outdated 
justo  - just, fair, right, exact, tight 
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