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spread verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
spread, has spread, is spreading, spreads
difundirse, correr, propagarse; esparcir; extenderse; untar (mantequilla, etc.); difundir, sembrar, propagar

Example sentences of
spread verb

  • The fire spread quickly through the building.
  • The use of computer technology has spread into all fields of work.
  • The seeds are spread by wind, birds, and animals.
  • We spread fertilizer on our yard.
  • The odor spread throughout the room.
  • Her notes were spread all over the desk.
  • Help me spread the cloth on the table.
  • The fashion quickly spread from France to England.
  • The newspaper was spread across his lap.
  • The cancer has spread to her throat.
  • She spread some butter on toast.

Detailed synonyms for spread verb

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spread noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pasta para untar; extensión, difusión (de noticias, etc.), propagación (de enfermedades, etc.); banquete, festín; envergadura, extensión (de alas); colcha (para una cama), mantel (para una mesa)
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A cracker with a cheese spread on top

Example sentences of
spread noun

  • Maintaining hygiene is the best way to get a handle on the spread of the disease.
  • She offered crackers and a cheese spread.
  • He uses low-fat spread on his toast.

Synonyms of
spread noun

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Reverse translation for spread

correr  - to run, to race, to travel over, to cover, to move, to slide, to roll, to draw (curtains), to rush, to flow 
propagarse  - to propagate, to spread 
esparcir  - to scatter, to spread 
extenderse  - to spread, to last 
untar  (mantequilla, etc.) - to anoint, to smear, to grease, to bribe 
difundir  - to diffuse, to spread out, to broadcast, to spread 
sembrar  - to plant, to sow, to scatter, to strew 
propagar  - to propagate, to spread, to disseminate 
extensión  - extension, stretching, expanse, spread, extent, range, length, duration 
difusión  (de noticias, etc.) - spreading, diffusion (of heat, etc.), broadcast, broadcasting 
propagación  (de enfermedades, etc.) - propagation, spreading 
banquete  - banquet 
festín  - banquet, feast 
envergadura  - span, breadth, spread, importance, scope 
extensión  (de alas) - extension, stretching, expanse, spread, extent, range, length, duration 
colcha  (para una cama) - bedspread, quilt 
mantel  (para una mesa) - tablecloth, altar cloth 
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