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2 Translation results for split in Spanish

noun | verb

split noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
rajadura; rotura; división, escisión

Example sentences of
split noun

  • There's a split down the back of your jacket.
  • The new policy has caused a split in the organization.
  • a split between liberals and conservatives
  • a wide split of opinions

Synonyms of
split noun

split verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
split, has split, is splitting, splits
partir, hender; partirse (dícese de la madera, etc.); romper, rajar; romperse, rajarse; dividir, repartir

Example sentences of
split verb

  • The board split in two.
  • The hull of the ship split apart on the rocks.
  • A large chunk of ice split off from the iceberg and crashed into the water.
  • She split the muffin and gave me half.
  • The class split into several small groups.
  • Two of the band members split off to form their own band.
  • The teacher split the class into groups.
  • The river splits the town in two.
  • The party is split over the issue of taxes.
  • The church split into moderate and conservative factions.

Detailed synonyms for split verb

See: Separate, Tear

Phrasal verbs for split

Related phrases for split

Reverse translation for split

rajadura  - crack, split 
rotura  - break, tear, fracture 
división  - division 
escisión  - split, division, excision 
partir  - to cut, to split, to leave, to depart, to break, to crack, to share (out), to divide 
hender  - to cleave, to split 
partirse  (dícese de la madera, etc.) - to smash, to split open, to chap 
romper  - to break, to break, to smash, to rip, to tear, to break off (relations), to break (a contract), to break through, to break down, to wear out 
rajar  - to chatter, to crack, to split, to boast, to brag 
romperse  - to break, to burst 
rajarse  - to crack, to split open, to back out 
dividir  - to divide, to split, to distribute, to share out 
repartir  - to allocate, to distribute, to hand out, to spread 
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