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verb | noun

snap verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
snapped, has snapped, is snapping, snaps
intentar morder (dícese de un perro, etc.), picar (dícese de un pez); partir (en dos), quebrar; hablar con severidad; hacer (algo) de un golpe; decir bruscamente; romperse, quebrarse (haciendo un chasquido); chasquear

Example sentences of
snap verb

  • The branch snapped and fell to the ground.
  • The earpiece of his glasses snapped off.
  • She snapped the twig in two.
  • The boy snapped the wing off his toy airplane.
  • The bent tree snapped back into an upright position.
  • I snapped the lid shut.
  • She snapped the pieces together.
  • She snapped her handbag shut.

Detailed synonyms for snap verb

See: Jerk

snap noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
chasquido; broche; cosa fácil

Example sentences of
snap noun

  • I've trained the dog to come to me with a snap of my fingers.
  • The snap of the bracelet broke.

Synonyms of
snap noun

Phrasal verbs for snap

  • snap out - hablar mal, gritar
  • snap out of - espabilarse, levantar el animo, recuperarse rápido
  • snap up - levantarse rápidamente (dícese de una cabeza, etc.)

Reverse translation for snap

intentar morder  (dícese de un perro, etc.)
picar  (dícese de un pez) - to itch, to sting, to bite, to sting, to peck at, to be spicy, to nibble on, to nibble, to prick, to puncture, to punch (a ticket), to grind, to chop, to take the bait, to goad, to incite, to pique, to provoke 
partir  (en dos) - to cut, to split, to leave, to depart, to break, to crack, to share (out), to divide 
quebrar  - to go bankrupt, to break, to fall out, to break up, to bend, to twist 
hacer de un golpe  (algo) - to act, to make, to do, to perform, to force, to oblige 
romperse  - to break, to burst 
quebrarse  (haciendo un chasquido)
chasquear  - to click (the tongue, fingers, etc.), to snap (a whip) 
chasquido  - click (of the tongue or fingers), snap, crack 
broche  - brooch, fastener, clasp 
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