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2 Translation results for smooth in Spanish

adjective | verb

smooth adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
liso (dícese de una superficie); suave (dícese de un movimiento); sin grumos; fluido

Example sentences of
smooth adjective

  • They groomed the ski trail so it was smooth.
  • The river rocks had been worn smooth by the water.
  • Whisk the flour into the gravy until it is smooth.
  • The milkshake was smooth and creamy.
  • With the aid of observers, the election process was a smooth one.
  • Our trip was smooth and uneventful.
  • the smooth movements of a swimmer
  • She has a nice, smooth golf swing.
  • His new car has a smooth ride.
  • Our flight was very smooth.

Detailed synonyms for smooth adjective

See: Easy, Level, Suave

smooth verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
smoothed, has smoothed, is smoothing, smoothes

Example sentences of
smooth verb

  • He smoothed his tie and headed out the door.
  • The coin's date had been smoothed away over time.
  • Smooth the cream on after your shower.
  • Smooth the wax over the wood before polishing.
  • She smoothed on some moisturizer before she put on her makeup.
  • He smoothed ointment over the cut.

Reverse translation for smooth

liso  (dícese de una superficie) - smooth, flat, straight, plain, unadorned 
suave  (dícese de un movimiento) - soft, smooth, gentle, mild, great, fantastic 
fluido  - flowing, fluent, fluid 
alisar  - to smooth 
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