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small adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
pequeño, chico; insignificante

Example sentences of
small adjective

  • They live in a small house.
  • a small glass of soda
  • She moved to a smaller town.
  • The toy is small enough to fit in my pocket.
  • This room is a little smaller than that one.
  • The movie was a small success.
  • There are still a few small details we have to deal with.
  • It's only a small mistake.
  • The change had only a small impact on the community.

Synonyms of
small adjective

Detailed synonyms for small adjective

Small, little, diminutive, petite, minute, tiny, miniature significan que es notablemente inferior al tamaño medio.
  • Small suele ser intercambiable con little, pero se aplica más al tamaño relativo determinado por capacidad, valor o número <a small amount>.
    antonyms: large, big
  • Little es más absoluto en su indicación, y suele connotar una magnitud inferior a la que es usual, esperada o deseada <a little boy>.
    antonyms: big, great
  • Diminutive indica una pequeñez excepcional o anormal <a diminutive dancer who looked like a child>.
  • Petite se aplica primordialmente a niñas y mujeres, e indica notable pequeñez y esbeltez <clothing for petite women>.
  • Minute indica extrema pequeñez <a minute amount of caffeine>.
  • Tiny es un equivalente informal de minute <tiny cracks in the painting>.
    antonyms: huge
  • Miniature se aplica a una reproducción proporcionada con exactitud en una escala muy pequeña <a dollhouse with miniature furniture>.

Related phrases for small

Reverse translation for small

pequeño  - small, little, young, short 
chico  - little, small, young 
insignificante  - insignificant 
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