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2 Translation results for slit in Spanish

verb | noun

slit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
slit, has slit, is slitting, slits
cortar, abrir por lo largo

Example sentences of
slit verb

  • I slit the bag open at the top.
  • The bag of seeds had been slit open.

slit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
abertura, rendija; corte, raja, tajo

Example sentences of
slit noun

  • You could see through the slit in the fence.
  • The skirt has a slit on one side.
  • a dress with a slit skirt

Synonyms of
slit noun

Reverse translation for slit

cortar  - to cut, to cut, to slice, to trim, to break up, to cut out, to omit, to cut off, to interrupt, to hang up (the telephone), to block, to close off, to curdle (milk) 
abertura  - aperture, opening, hole, slit (in a skirt, etc.), crack 
rendija  - crack, split 
corte  - court, cut, cutting, style, fit 
raja  - crack, slit, slice, wedge 
tajo  - cut, slash, gash, steep cliff 
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