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similar adjective

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similar, parecido, semejante
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The houses on the street look similar.

Example sentences of
similar adjective

  • Our cats are similar in size.
  • You two look very similar to each other.
  • They had similar experiences growing up, even though they came from vastly different backgrounds.
  • We got remarkably similar results.
  • I was going to say something similar.
  • I would have reacted in a similar way if it had happened to me.

Detailed synonyms for similar adjective

Similar, analogous, like, alike, akin, parallel, homogeneous, uniform, identical, comparable, corresponding significan que se asemejan mucho entre sí.
  • Similar indica tal semejanza que permite la posibilidad de confundir uno con otro <all the houses on the street are similar>.
    antonyms: dissimilar
  • Analogous se aplica a cosas que tienen muchas semejanzas pero que pertenecen a categorías esencialmente distintas <argued about how computers were analogous to brains>.
  • Like indica un parecido o una semejanza que abarca desde la identidad virtual hasta un leve parecido <the two women had like minds>.
    antonyms: unlike
  • Alike indica el tener un fuerte parecido aunque obviamente distinto <sisters who looked alike>.
    antonyms: unlike, different
  • Akin connota un parecido más en esencia que en apariencia <the two diseases are akin to one another>.
    antonyms: alien
  • Parallel connota un marcado parecido en el curso del desarrollo de dos cosas <the parallel careers of the two actors>.
  • Homogeneous indica una semejanza de un número de cosas en cuanto a tipo, variedad o clase <a homogeneous population>.
    antonyms: heterogeneous
  • Uniform indica una semejanza consistente y una falta de variación en existencia, apariencia u operación <the uniform application of the law>.
  • Identical indica o una igualdad de esencia o una correspondencia sin diferencias perceptibles o significantes <discovered that the two students had submitted identical papers>.
    antonyms: different
  • Comparable connota ser similar y apto para comparación <the salaries at the two companies are comparable>.
  • Corresponding sugiere tener la misma relación con respecto a enteros similares <pointed out the corresponding features in the two software programs>.

Reverse translation for similar

similar  - similar, alike 
parecido  - similar, alike 
semejante  - similar, alike, such 
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