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shoot verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
shot, has shot, is shooting, shoots
disparar (con un arma de fuego); disparar, tirar; ir rápidamente; pegarle un tiro a, darle un balazo a; lanzar (una pelota, etc.), echar (una mirada); fotografiar; filmar

Example sentences of
shoot verb

  • Does this gun shoot accurately?
  • He shot at the deer.
  • The enemy was shooting at the rescue helicopter.
  • She shot the arrow into the air.
  • I tried shooting a gun for the first time.
  • He shot a spitball into the girl's hair.
  • a stunt in which she was shot from a cannon
  • He shot two deer this hunting season.
  • The police shot the suspect in the leg.
  • She accidentally shot herself in the foot.

Synonyms of
shoot verb

shoot noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
brote, retoño, vástago

Example sentences of
shoot noun

  • Small green shoots grew from the base of the tree.
  • She is currently on a movie shoot in London.

Synonyms of
shoot noun

Detailed synonyms for shoot noun

Shoot, branch, bough, limb, offshoot significan uno de los miembros de una planta que son brotes de un tallo, una base principal o una de sus divisiones.
  • Shoot pone énfasis en el crecimiento y se aplica primordialmente al nuevo crecimiento a partir de un botón <only the strongest shoots actually survive>.
  • Branch connota el extenderse mediante la división y la subdivisión, y se aplica típicamente a un miembro maduro que surge de un tallo o tronco primario o de una división o subdivisión de uno de éstos <the tree's first branches were thirty feet above the ground>.
  • Bough puede sustituir a branch con referencia a un árbol o arbusto, sobre todo cuando la noción de follaje, de flor o de fruto es prominente <used pine boughs for Christmas decorations>.
  • Limb suele aplicarse a una rama principal que surge directamente desde un tronco <the great limbs of the old oak>.
  • Offshoot significa una excrescencia o una rama, y frecuentemente se usa en un sentido no físico <the venture began as an offshoot of a much larger project>.

Related phrases for shoot

Reverse translation for shoot

disparar  (con un arma de fuego) - to shoot, to shoot, to fire, to pay, to treat to, to buy 
disparar  - to shoot, to shoot, to fire, to pay, to treat to, to buy 
tirar  - to pull, to draw, to throw, to hurl, to toss, to shoot, to throw away, to throw out, to waste, to attract, to knock down, to shoot, to fire, to launch, to get by, to manage, to take (a photo), to print, to run off 
lanzar  (una pelota, etc.) - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
echar  (una mirada) - to start off, to throw, to cast, to hurl, to throw out, to expel, to emit, give off, to sprout, to put forth, to fire, to dismiss, to put in, to add 
fotografiar  - to photograph 
filmar  - to film, to shoot 
brote  - outbreak, sprout, bud, shoot 
retoño  - sprout, shoot 
vástago  - offspring, descendant, shoot (of a plant) 
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