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3 Translation results for shock in Spanish

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shock verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
shocked, has shocked, is shocking, shocks
conmover, conmocionar; asustar, sobresaltar; escandalizar; darle una descarga eléctrica a
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She looks shocked.

Detailed synonyms for shock verb

See: Surprise

shock noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
choque, sacudida; conmoción, golpe emocional; shock (en medicina); gavillas

Example sentences of
shock noun

  • They were in shock over the news.

Synonyms of
shock noun

shock sustantivo


Related phrases for shock

Reverse translation for shock

conmover  - to move, to touch, to shake up 
conmocionar  - to shake, to shock 
asustar  - to scare, to frighten 
sobresaltar  - to startle, to frighten 
escandalizar  - to shock, to scandalize, to make a fuss 
choque  - crash, collision, clash, conflict, shock 
sacudida  - shaking, jerk, jolt, shock, shake-up, upheaval 
conmoción  - shock, upheaval 
shock  (en medicina) - shock 
gavillas  - gang, band, sheaf 
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