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noun | verb

season noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
estación (del año); temporada (en deportes, etc.)

Example sentences of
season noun

  • I enjoy watching the seasons change every year.
  • These plants have a short growing season.
  • Deer season starts next week.
  • Monsoon season is coming soon.
  • This season's fashions are very feminine.
  • Pink is in style this season.
  • The theater company will be putting on plays by Shakespeare this season.
  • one of the shows in the network's season lineup

season verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
seasoned, has seasoned, is seasoning, seasons
sazonar, condimentar; curar, secar

Example sentences of
season verb

  • You must season the firewood.
  • the chef seasoned the vegetables as soon as they came out of the oven

Synonyms of
season verb

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Reverse translation for season

estación  (del año) - station, season 
temporada  (en deportes, etc.) - season, time, period, spell 
sazonar  - to season, to spice 
condimentar  - to season, to spice 
curar  - to cure, to heal, to get well, to recover, to treat, to dress, to tan, to cure (meat) 
secar  - to dry 
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