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saucy adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
descarado, fresco

Example sentences of
saucy adjective

  • irritated his fellow travelers with saucy questions and comments

Synonyms of
saucy adjective

Detailed synonyms for saucy adjective

Saucy, pert, arch, sassy, fresh, cheeky, impudent, flippant significan frívolo y atrevido en la manera de ser o la actitud.
  • Saucy connota a menudo ligereza con un poco de agudeza o desfachatez que causa gracia <made a saucy retort>.
    antonyms: deferential
  • Pert indica una libertad descarada que puede rayar en el atrevimiento o la afectación <she gave pert answers to all her mother's questions>, y puede a veces connotar viveza o ingenio <wore her hat at a pert angle>.
  • Arch suele indicar una audacia coqueta o pícara o una actitud burlona y traviesa <he didn't enjoy her arch wit>.
  • Sassy, un término informal, connota una impudencia vivaz y juvenil <his teenage daughter was a sassy flirt>.
  • Fresh es un término coloquial que significa impudente <don't get fresh with me>.
  • Cheeky significa insolentemente atrevido en una manera generalmente cariñosa <a cheeky 10-year-old boy who wouldn't leave her alone>.
  • Impudent connota un atrevimiento o una desafiante desatención para con otros <his grandfather claimed that young people nowadays are rude and impudent>.
  • Flippant significa carente del respeto o la seriedad apropiada <annoyed by her flippant comments about serious subjects>.

Reverse translation for saucy

descarado  - brazen, impudent 
fresco  - fresh, cool, insolent, nervy 
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