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2 Translation results for sail in Spanish

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sail verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
sailed, has sailed, is sailing, sails
gobernar (un barco); navegar (en un barco); ir fácilmente

Example sentences of
sail verb

  • We'll sail along the coast.
  • He sailed around the world on a luxury liner.
  • She sailed the Atlantic coastline.
  • She's sailing a boat in tomorrow's race.
  • The ship was sailed by a crew of 8.
  • I've been sailing since I was a child.
  • a ship that has sailed the seven seas
  • We sat on the shore watching boats sail by.
  • We sail at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
  • They sail for San Francisco next week.

sail noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
vela (de un barco); viaje en velero

Example sentences of
sail noun

  • Wind filled the sails and our journey had begun.
  • raising and lowering the ship's sails
  • a sail to San Francisco

Related phrases for sail

Reverse translation for sail

gobernar  (un barco) - to govern, to govern, to rule, to steer, to steer, to sail (a ship) 
navegar  (en un barco) - to navigate, to sail 
vela  (de un barco) - wakefulness, watch, vigil, wake, candle, sail 
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