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2 Translation results for roll in Spanish

noun | verb

roll noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lista; rollo (de papel, de tela, etc.); redoble (de tambores), retumbo (del trueno, etc.); balanceo

Example sentences of
roll noun

  • The waitress will bring you a basket of bread and rolls.

Synonyms of
roll noun

roll verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rolled, has rolled, is rolling, rolls
rodar; hacer rodar; liar (un cigarrillo); balancearse; tronar (dícese del trueno), redoblar (dícese de un tambor); estirar (masa), laminar (metales), pasar el rodillo por (el césped)

Example sentences of
roll verb

  • The children rolled down the hill.
  • The ball rolled slowly to a stop.
  • Roll the chicken wings in the batter.
  • The paramedics rolled him onto the gurney.
  • The car rolled slowly to a stop.
  • A police car rolled up next to us.
  • The children rolled the toy car to each other.
  • The patient was rolled into the emergency room.
  • The fog soon rolled away.

Synonyms of
roll verb

Phrasal verbs for roll

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Reverse translation for roll

lista  - list, roster, roll, stripe, strip, menu 
rollo  (de papel, de tela, etc.) - roll, coil, roll of fat, boring speech, lecture 
redoble  (de tambores) - drum roll 
retumbo  (del trueno, etc.) - booming, thundering, roll 
balanceo  - swaying, rocking, vacillation 
rodar  - to film, to shoot, to roll, to roll down, to roll along, to break in (a new vehicle), to turn, to go around, to move about, to travel 
liar  (un cigarrillo) - to bind, to tie (up), to roll (a cigarette), to confuse 
balancearse  - to swing, to sway, to rock, to hesitate, to vacillate 
tronar  (dícese del trueno) - to thunder, to thunder, to roar, to be furious, to rage, to shoot 
redoblar  (dícese de un tambor) - to redouble, to strengthen 
estirar  (masa) - to stretch (out), to extend 
laminar  (metales) - to laminate 
pasar el rodillo por  (el césped)
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