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3 Translation results for rock in Spanish

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rock verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
rocked, has rocked, is rocking, rocks
acunar (a un niño), mecer (una cuna); mecerse, balancearse; sacudir

Example sentences of
rock verb

  • She gently rocked the baby to sleep.
  • He rocked back and forth while he stood waiting.
  • The boat rocked back and forth on the waves.
  • An earthquake rocked the town.
  • The building was rocked by an explosion.
  • The news of the murders rocked the town.
  • Their invention rocked the computer industry.
  • The band rocked the crowd.

Synonyms of
rock verb

Detailed synonyms for rock verb

See: Shake

rock noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
balanceo; roca (substancia); piedra

Example sentences of
rock noun

  • We threw rocks into the water.

Synonyms of
rock noun

rock sustantivo

rock, rock and roll

Related phrases for rock

Reverse translation for rock

acunar  (a un niño) - to rock, to cradle 
mecer  (una cuna) - to rock, to push (on a swing) 
mecerse  - to rock, to swing, to sway 
balancearse  - to swing, to sway, to rock, to hesitate, to vacillate 
sacudir  - to shake, to beat, to jerk, to jolt, to dust off, to shake up, to shock 
balanceo  - swaying, rocking, vacillation 
roca  (substancia) - rock, boulder 
piedra  - stone, flint (of a lighter), hailstone 
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