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3 Translation results for robe in Spanish

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robe noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
toga (de magistrados, etc.), sotana (de eclesiásticos); bata
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A red ceremonial robe

Example sentences of
robe noun

  • He was wearing a robe when he opened the door.
  • The priest wore a purple robe.
  • With the coming of spring the hills will once again don their robes of green.

Synonyms of
robe noun

robe verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
robed, has robed, is robing, robes

Example sentences of
robe verb

  • robed the queen in her ceremonial garments

robar verbo

to steal; to rob, to burglarize; to abduct, to kidnap; to captivate

Reverse translation for robe

toga  (de magistrados, etc.) - toga, gown, robe (for magistrates, etc.) 
sotana  (de eclesiásticos) - cassock 
bata  - bathrobe, housecoat, smock, coverall, lab coat 
vestirse  - to get dressed 
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