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right noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
bien; derecha; derecho

Example sentences of
right noun

  • We discussed the rights and wrongs of genetic cloning.
  • There are still women fighting for equal rights.
  • Knowing the truth is her right.
  • As you come down the street, my house will be on the right.

Synonyms of
right noun

right adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
bueno, honrado; correcto; apropiado, adecuado, debido; recto; derecho; bien

Example sentences of
right adjective

  • You can't treat me like this! It's not right!
  • You were right to tell the teacher about the girl who you saw cheating.
  • Telling the teacher was the right thing to do.
  • “Is that clock right? Is it noon already?” “Yes. That's right.”
  • There's something not quite right about his story.
  • Their theory was proved right.
  • You're right; the answer is six.
  • I bet you like baseball. Am I right?
  • Am I right in thinking that he should have never loaned her the money?
  • Let me get this right-you want me to lend you $1,000?!
  • He felt a pain in his right side.

Detailed synonyms for right adjective

See: Correct

right adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
bien; precisamente, justo; derecho, directamente; inmediatamente; completamente; a la derecha

Example sentences of
right adverb

  • The keys are right where I said they would be.
  • “Where are my keys?” “They're right here.”
  • The bank is right next to the pharmacy.
  • The parking lot is right in front of the building.
  • He left his bags right in the middle of the floor.
  • She was waiting right outside the door.
  • The ball hit me right in the face.
  • We arrived right at noon.
  • You are right on time.
  • When the boss yelled at him, he quit right then and there.

right verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
righted, has righted, is righting, rights
reparar; enderezar

Example sentences of
right verb

  • It was time to right an old wrong.
  • No one can right all the wrongs in the world.
  • The government needs to do something to right the economy.
  • They righted the capsized boat.
  • He quickly righted himself after he fell off the chair.

Synonyms of
right verb

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Reverse translation for right

bien  - good 
derecha  - right, right hand, right side, right wing, right (in politics) 
derecho  - right, law, right side (of cloth or clothing) 
bueno  - good, nice, kind, proper, appropriate, well, healthy, considerable, goodly 
honrado  - honest, upright, honored, righteous 
correcto  - correct, right, courteous, polite 
apropiado  - appropriate, proper, suitable 
adecuado  - suitable, appropriate, adequate 
debido  - right, proper, due 
recto  - straight, upright, honorable, sound 
derecho  - right, right-hand, straight, upright, erect 
bien  - well, OK, all right, pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory, correct, right 
bien  - well, correctly, properly, right, very, quite, easily, willingly, readily 
precisamente  - precisely, exactly 
justo  - justly, right, exactly, tightly 
derecho  - straight, upright, directly 
directamente  - straight, directly 
inmediatamente  - immediately 
completamente  - completely, totally 
reparar  - to repair, to fix, to mend, to make amends for, to make up for something, to correct, to restore, to refresh 
enderezar  - to straighten (out), to stand on end, to put upright 
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