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reveal verb

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revealed, has revealed, is revealing, reveals
revelar, divulgar; manifestar, mostrar, dejar ver

Example sentences of
reveal verb

  • She would not reveal the secret.
  • The test revealed the true cause of death.
  • They revealed the plans for the new building.
  • The expression on his face revealed how he felt.
  • The curtain was lifted to reveal the grand prize.
  • Pulling up the carpeting revealed the home's beautiful hardwood floors.
  • It was revealed that they stole over $1 million.

Synonyms of
reveal verb

Detailed synonyms for reveal verb

Reveal, disclose, divulge, tell, betray, let on, expose significan dar a conocer lo que está o debería estar oculto.
  • Reveal connota el revelar una cosa que no es claramente perceptible a la visión humana, y puede aplicarse tanto a una revelación supernatural o inspirada <the belief that God's will is revealed in the Bible> como a una común y corriente <an act that revealed his true nature>.
    antonyms: conceal
  • Disclose puede también indicar un descubrimiento, pero connota con mayor frecuencia el impartir información que anteriormente se guardaba en secreto <candidates must disclose their financial assets>.
  • Divulge indica una revelación que supone alguna falta de decoro o abuso de confianza <refused to divulge the information>.
  • Tell indica el impartir información que es útil o necesaria <never told her that he was married>.
  • Betray indica una revelación que representa un abuso de confianza o bien una revelación que se hace de manera involuntaria o inconsciente <a blush that betrayed her embarrassment>.
  • Let on, un término informal, sugiere admitir o revelar algo <don't let on that I told you!> y puede usarse sin un objeto <she was unhappy, but she never let on>.
  • Expose sugiere revelar algo escondido, vergonzoso o deshonesto <undercover investigators exposed the bombing plot>.

Reverse translation for reveal

revelar  - to reveal, to disclose, to develop (film) 
divulgar  - to spread, to circulate, to divulge, to reveal, to popularize 
manifestar  - to demonstrate, to show, to declare 
mostrar  - to show, to exhibit, to display 
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