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reprove verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
reproved, has reproved, is reproving, reproves
reprender, censurar

Example sentences of
reprove verb

  • The teacher reproved the student for being late.
  • my piano teacher often reproves me for slouching while playing, observing that good posture helps one play better

Synonyms of
reprove verb

Detailed synonyms for reprove verb

Reprove, rebuke, reprimand, admonish, reproach, chide significan criticar adversamente.
  • Reprove indica censurar o culpar, a menudo con cortesía, con el fin de corregir una falta <gently reproved her for her table manners>.
  • Rebuke connota una reprobación dura o severa <a letter from the Vatican rebuking several American bishops>.
  • Reprimand indica un reproche severo, formal, y a menudo público u oficial <the general was reprimanded for permitting such treatment>.
  • Admonish connota una advertencia o consejo en tono sincero o amistoso <admonished them to be careful>.
  • Reproach connota comunicar el descontento o el desagrado mediante la crítica o la condena <reproached her friend for divulging their secrets>.
  • Chide connota la expresión de desilusión o desagrado por medio de leves reproches o regaños <they were chided by their mother for not keeping their room clean>.

Reverse translation for reprove

reprender  - to reprimand, to scold, (figurative) to jump down someone's throat 
censurar  - to censor, to censure, to criticize 
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