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replace verb

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replaced, has replaced, is replacing, replaces
volver a poner; reemplazar, sustituir; reponer

Example sentences of
replace verb

  • Will computers ever completely replace books?
  • Paper bags have been largely replaced by plastic bags.
  • She was hired to replace the previous manager.
  • I replaced the old rug with a new one.
  • They recently replaced the old phone system.
  • The team's manager was replaced last season.
  • The patient needed a transfusion to replace lost blood.
  • They've appointed a new minister to replace the one who just retired.
  • I guess it's finally time to replace the stove.
  • He carefully replaced the vase on the shelf.

Synonyms of
replace verb

Detailed synonyms for replace verb

Replace, supplant, supersede, substitute, exchange significan poner a alguien o algo en un lugar que no es el usual o el propio, o dentro del lugar que corresponde a otro.
  • Replace indica el llenar un lugar que estaba ocupado por algo que ha sido perdido, destruido o que ya no es útil o adecuado <the broken window will have to be replaced>.
  • Supplant puede indicar, ya sea el desposeer o despojar a alguien de su lugar, sus posesiones o sus privilegios, o bien el desarraigar y reemplazar de algo <returned from vacation to find that he had been supplanted in the legislature's leadership>.
  • Supersede indica el reemplazar a una persona o cosa que se ha hecho anticuada, obsoleta o inferior en general <this revised version supersedes the previous one>.
  • Substitute connota tomar el lugar de otra cosa <you can sometimes substitute vegetable oil for butter in cake recipes> u otra persona <a temporary employee was substituting for the regular secretary>.
  • Exchange sugiere intercambiar algo por otra cosa <I'd like to exchange this sweater for a pair of jeans>.

Reverse translation for replace

reemplazar  - to replace, to substitute 
sustituir  - to replace, to substitute for, to stand in for 
reponer  - to replace, to put back, to reinstate, to reply 
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