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2 Translation results for rendirse in English

verbo | verbo

rendirse verbo

to surrender, to give up, (figurative) to throw in the towel

rendir verbo

to render, to give; to progress, to make headway; to last, to go a long way; to yield; to exhaust

Reverse translation for rendirse

to surrender  - entregar, rendir, rendirse 
to give up  - dejar, renunciar a, abandonar 
to throw in the towel  (figurative)
to render  - derretir, prestar, dar, hacer, volver, dejar, traducir, verter 
to give  - dar, regalar, obsequiar, hacer regalos, pagar, ceder, romperse, pronunciar, causar, ocasionar, otorgar 
to progress  - progresar, adelantar, mejorar 
to last  - durar, aguantar, sobrevivir, bastar 
to yield  - ceder, rendirse, entregarse, producir, dar, rendir (en finanzas) 
to exhaust  - agotar, cansar, fatigar, vaciar 
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