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verb | sustantivo

relieve verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
relieved, has relieved, is relieving, relieves
aliviar, mitigar; liberar, eximir; relevar (a un centinela, etc.); romper

Example sentences of
relieve verb

  • I took a pill to relieve my headache.
  • I wish I could relieve your suffering.
  • What's the best way to relieve stress?
  • She tried to relieve the tension by making a joke.
  • an effort to relieve traffic congestion
  • We need to find ways to relieve overcrowding in our schools.
  • I've come to relieve the guard on duty.
  • The soldiers were relieved by 30,000 fresh troops.

Detailed synonyms for relieve verb

Relieve, alleviate, lighten, assuage, mitigate, allay, ease, mollify, soothe significan hacer algo menos severo o más tolerable.
  • Relieve indica el reducir una carga lo suficiente como para hacerla más soportable o incluso que sea olvidada por un tiempo <took drugs to relieve the pain>.
    antonyms: intensify
  • Alleviate indica una reducción temporal o parcial de dolor o de angustia <the new buildings helped to alleviate the housing shortage>.
    antonyms: aggravate
  • Lighten indica la reducción de un peso oneroso o deprimente, y suele connotar una influencia alentadora <the good news lightened his heart>.
  • Assuage indica el suavizar o endulzar lo que es severo o desagradable <hoped a vacation would assuage the pain of the divorce>.
    antonyms: exacerbate, intensify
  • Mitigate connota el moderar o contrarrestar los efectos de algo que inflige o es capaz de infligir dolor o angustia <the wind helped mitigate the intense heat>.
    antonyms: intensify
  • Allay indica un calmar o aliviar efectivo, particularmente de temores o inquietudes <the encouraging report allayed their fears>.
    antonyms: intensify
  • Ease connota hacer algo menos severo, doloroso o problemático <diplomats sought to ease tensions between the two nations>.
  • Mollify connota reducir o terminar la ira de alguien <all attempts to mollify the extremists have failed>.
  • Soothe sugiere aliviar el dolor o el malestar <this cream soothes aching muscles>.

relieve sustantivo

relief, projection; prominence, importance

Reverse translation for relieve

aliviar  - to relieve, to alleviate, to soothe, to allay 
mitigar  - to mitigate, to alleviate 
liberar  - to liberate, to free 
eximir  - to exempt 
relevar  (a un centinela, etc.) - to relieve, to take over from 
romper  - to break, to break, to smash, to rip, to tear, to break off (relations), to break (a contract), to break through, to break down, to wear out 
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