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quite adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
completamente, totalmente; bastante

Example sentences of
quite adverb

  • “Are you quite finished?” “Not quite.”
  • I am quite capable of doing it myself, thank you.
  • They assured me that I was quite mistaken.
  • We hadn't quite made up our minds.
  • She's quite right, you know.
  • I quite forgot your birthday.
  • No one realized quite what was happening.
  • Quite why he left is unclear.
  • That is not quite what I said.
  • We live quite near the school.

Synonyms of
quite adverb

¿Qué tan fuerte es la palabra quite?
  • Quite es una palabra más fuerte que fairly pero es menos fuerte que extremely. Se usa más seguido en inglés británico que en inglés americano, pero no es una palabra inusual en inglés americano.

quitar verbo

to remove, to take away; to take off (clothes); to get rid of, to relieve

Reverse translation for quite

completamente  - completely, totally 
totalmente  - totally, completely, entirely 
bastante  - enough, sufficiently, fairly, rather, quite 
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