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3 Translation results for quiet in Spanish

noun | adjective | verb

quiet noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
calma, tranquilidad; silencio

Example sentences of
quiet noun

  • the quiet of a wooded trail
  • Can I have some quiet here? I'm trying to study.
  • I need a little peace and quiet.

Synonyms of
quiet noun

quiet adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
tranquilo, calmoso; sosegado, suave; silencioso; discreto; aislado

Example sentences of
quiet adjective

  • Do you hear the quiet hum of the refrigerator?
  • He spoke in a very quiet voice.
  • Surprisingly, the class was quiet.
  • He's a very quiet person.
  • She has a quiet disposition.
  • During the morning, business was quiet.
  • Some days at the store are quieter than others.
  • a quiet stretch of road
  • He led a quiet life.

Synonyms of
quiet adjective

¿Sabías esto?
  • No confundir con quite.

Detailed synonyms for quiet adjective

See: Still

quiet verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
quieted, has quieted, is quieting, quiets
hacer callar, acallar; calmar, tranquilizar

Example sentences of
quiet verb

  • the museum docent told the rowdy youngsters to quiet down for the tour
  • quiet a crying toddler with candy

Synonyms of
quiet verb

Phrasal verbs for quiet

Reverse translation for quiet

calma  - calm, quiet 
tranquilidad  - tranquility, peace 
silencio  - silence, quiet, rest (in music) 
tranquilo  - calm, tranquil 
calmoso  - calm, quiet, slow, sluggish 
sosegado  - calm, tranquil, serene 
suave  - soft, smooth, gentle, mild, great, fantastic 
silencioso  - silent, quiet 
discreto  - discreet 
aislado  - isolated, alone 
acallar  - to quiet, to silence 
calmar  - to calm, to soothe 
tranquilizar  - to calm down, to soothe 
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