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noun | verb

process noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
proceso; método; acción judicial; citación; protuberancia (anatómica)

Example sentences of
process noun

  • How does the election process work?
  • Learning a foreign language can be a long process.
  • We're remodeling our house. The whole process is expected to take a few months.
  • Breathing and the circulation of blood are life processes.
  • a bony process on the foot

Synonyms of
process noun

Detailed synonyms for process noun

Process, procedure, routine, method significan la serie de cosas tales como acciones, operaciones o movimientos que contribuyen al logro de un fin.
  • Process es particularmente apropiado cuando se desea indicar el progreso a partir de un comienzo determinado hacia un fin determinado, y la secuencia de eventos puede dividirse en una secuencia de pasos o etapas <the process of digestion>.
  • Procedure recalca el método que se sigue o la rutina a seguir <followed the normal procedure>.
  • Routine connota una forma estándar o regular de hacer algo <his routine was to run three miles before dinner every evening>.
  • Method sugiere una manera ordenada o un plan para hacer algo, generalmente en pasos <effective new teaching methods>.

process verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
processed, has processed, is processing, processes
procesar, tratar

Example sentences of
process verb

  • Food is often processed before it is packaged and sold.
  • Her job includes processing insurance claims.

Reverse translation for process

proceso  - process, trial, proceedings 
método  - method 
citación  - summons, subpoena 
protuberancia  (anatómica) - protuberance 
procesar  - to prosecute, to try, to process 
tratar  - to treat, to handle 
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