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proceed verb

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proceeded, has proceeded, is proceeding, proceeds
proceder; continuar, proseguir, seguir; avanzar

Example sentences of
proceed verb

  • After the interruption, she proceeded with her presentation.
  • “Before we proceed further, does anyone have any questions?”
  • We will proceed according to plan.
  • We may not be able to proceed as planned.
  • The problems have been fixed and the work can now proceed.
  • All passengers must proceed to the baggage claim area.
  • The crowd proceeded toward the exits.
  • The troops proceeded north along the river.

Synonyms of
proceed verb

Reverse translation for proceed

proceder  - to proceed, to act, to behave, to be appropriate, to be fitting 
continuar  - to continue 
proseguir  - to continue, to go on, to continue, to pursue (studies, goals) 
seguir  - to follow, to go on, to keep going, to remain, to continue to be, to go along, to keep on 
avanzar  - to advance, to move forward 
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