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problem noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
problem noun

  • Racism and sexism are major social problems.
  • The company is having financial problems.
  • He has chronic health problems.
  • The mechanic fixed the problem with the car.
  • There are a few problems with your argument.
  • We have to find a way to solve this problem.
  • She is bothered by family problems.
  • We didn't have any problems getting here.
  • I have my own problems to deal with.
  • Mosquitoes are a problem in the summer.

Synonyms of
problem noun

Cuando alguien dice ″we face a challenge″ o ″have an issue″, ¿significa que hay un problema?
  • A muchas personas les parece que la palabra problem es muy negativa y prefieren usar palabras como challenge o issue en su lugar. Por ejemplo: global challenges, issues found in business processes. No obstante, challenge, issue y problem no son sinónimos y cada uno tiene su propio significado.