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presentar verbo

to present, to show; to offer, to give; to submit (a document), to launch (a product); to introduce (a person)

Reverse translation for presentar

to present  - presentar, presentar (una obra de teatro, etc.), entregar (un regalo, etc.), regalar, obsequiar, ofrecer 
to show  - mostrar, enseñar, notarse, verse, aparecer, dejarse ver, demostrar, manifestar, revelar, probar, llevar, acompañar, proyectar (una película), dar (un programa de televisión) 
to offer  - ofrecer, proponer, sugerir, mostrar 
to give  - dar, regalar, obsequiar, hacer regalos, pagar, ceder, romperse, pronunciar, causar, ocasionar, otorgar 
to submit  (a document)
to launch  (a product)
to introduce  (a person)
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