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place noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
sitio, lugar; parte; puesto; asiento, cubierto (a la mesa); papel

Example sentences of
place noun

  • New York City is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.
  • I've heard it's a good place to raise children.
  • places like Africa and South America
  • the hottest place on earth
  • churches and other places of worship
  • You should plan to meet him in a public place.
  • You've come to the right place. I have just what you need.
  • They gave him a place to stay for the night.
  • We're going to need a bigger place once the baby is born.
  • He's looking to buy a place in the country.

Detailed synonyms for place noun

Place, position, location, site, spot, locale significan el punto o la porción de espacio ocupado por una cosa o que es escogido para ella.
  • Place, el más general de estos términos, lleva la indicación de tener dimensiones en el espacio, aunque las dimensiones pueden ser tanto grandes como pequeñas, y los límites pueden carecer de definición específica <the place where I was born>.
  • Position puede usarse tanto en relación con cosas abstractas como con cosas concretas, y suele connotar un espacio relacionado con algo en particular <had determined the position of the naval fleet>.
  • Location se usa en relación con cosas concretas, e indica un espacio fijo pero no necesariamente específico <knows the location of the hospital>.
  • Site, el cual es cercano a situation, lleva una referencia más clara al terreno sobre el cual se ha construido algo, como un edificio, un grupo de edificios o una ciudad <built the new factory on the site of the old one>.
  • Spot indica un lugar que es restringido, particular y cuyas extensiones son claramente definidas <she had found the perfect spot for a picnic>.
  • Locale connota el lugar donde se lleva a cabo un evento o una historia <the film's locale was a tropical island>.

place verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
placed, has placed, is placing, places
poner, colocar; situar, ubicar, emplazar; identificar, recordar

Example sentences of
place verb

  • The box was placed at the center of the room.
  • You can really see the similarities when you place the two pictures side by side.
  • Her name was placed on the list.
  • The husbands and wives were placed in separate groups.
  • They were placed next to each other in line.
  • Working with sick people places him at risk for infection.
  • By not accepting the prosecutor's deal, he places his future in the hands of the jury.
  • We're placing you under arrest.
  • He was released from jail and placed on probation.

Synonyms of
place verb

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Reverse translation for place

sitio  - place, site, room, space, siege, taxi stand 
lugar  - place, position, space, room 
parte  - part, share, part, place, party (in negotiations, etc.), report, dispatch 
puesto  - place, position, position, job, kiosk, stand, stall 
asiento  - seat, chair, location, site 
cubierto  (a la mesa) - cover, shelter, table setting, utensil, piece of silverware 
papel  - paper, piece of paper, role, part 
poner  - to contribute, to put, to place, to set up, to establish, to install, to put in, to make, to turn on, to switch on, to suppose, to lay (eggs), to lay eggs, to put in, to add, 
colocar  - to place, to put, to find a job for, to invest 
situar  - to situate, to place, to locate 
ubicar  - to place, to put, to position, to locate, to find 
emplazar  - to convene, to summon, to subpoena, to place, to position 
identificar  - to identify 
recordar  - to recall, to remember, to remember, to remind, to wake up 
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