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noun | verb

people noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
gente, personas

Example sentences of
people noun

  • People can be really cruel sometimes.
  • People think the coach should be fired.
  • She tends to annoy people.
  • People say it's impossible, but I'm still going to try.
  • a book for young people
  • a people who migrated across the Bering Strait
  • the native peoples of Mexico
¿People es singular o plural?
  • En inglés contemporáneo, la palabra people es tratada como un sustantivo plural. Ejemplo: British people are known for their good manners.
    En textos viejos en inglés (por ejemplo versiones viejas de la Biblia), la palabra people es tratada como sustantivo singular, pero esto no es común hoy en día.
¿Se puede decir peoples? ¿Qué significa?
  • La palabra people se usa en dos significados similares pero diferentes. Puede ser la forma plural de person o human being. Ejemplo: I saw many people in the street. Otro ejemplo: The people I met in South America were so nice to me.
    También se puede usar como sinónimo de nation o community. Ejemplo: The American people struggle against racism. En este sentido se puede usar la forma plural de peoples. Ejemplo: The two neighboring peoples have been living in peace for many years.

people verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
peopled, has peopled, is peopling, peoples

Example sentences of
people verb

  • a science-fiction novel about a mission to people Mars

Reverse translation for people

gente  - people, relatives 
personas  - person 
poblar  - to populate, to inhabit, to settle, to colonize 
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