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2 Translation results for pegarse in English

verbo | verbo

pegarse verbo

to hit oneself, to hit each other; to stick, to take hold; to be contagious; to tag along, to stick around

pegar verbo

to adhere, to stick; to glue, to stick, to paste; to attach, to sew on; to infect with, to give; to hit, to deal, to strike; to give (out with)

Reverse translation for pegarse

to stick  - clavar, pegarse, adherirse, pegar, atascarse, poner 
to tag along  - pegarse, acompañar 
to stick around  - (figurado, informal) quedarse 
to adhere  - pegarse, adherirse 
to stick  - clavar, pegarse, adherirse, pegar, atascarse, poner 
to glue  - pegar, encolar 
to paste  - pegar (con engrudo) 
to attach  - sujetar, atar, amarrar, pegar, juntar, adjuntar, dar, atribuir, embargar 
to give  - dar, regalar, obsequiar, hacer regalos, pagar, ceder, romperse, pronunciar, causar, ocasionar, otorgar 
to hit  - golpear, pegar, batear (una pelota), chocar contra, dar con, dar en (el blanco), afectar, tropezar con, toparse con, llegar a, alcanzar 
to deal  - repartir, dar, negociar, traficar 
to strike  - golpear (a una persona), golpear, atacar, suprimir, tachar, declararse en huelga, acuñar (monedas), dar (la hora), sobrevenir, impresionar, parecer, encender (un fósforo), descubrir (oro, petróleo), adoptar (una pose, etc.) 
to give  (out with)
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