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verb | noun

partner verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
partnered, has partnered, is partnering, partners

Example sentences of
partner verb

  • The sporting goods store partnered with the newspaper to sponsor the road race.
  • She partnered with her sister, and they opened a candy shop together.

partner noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
compañero, -ra; pareja (en un juego, etc.); cónyuge

Example sentences of
partner noun

  • His partner, his wife of 20 years, was shocked to hear about his accident.
  • They are partners in the real estate business.
  • Singapore's most important trading partner is Indonesia.
  • She was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm.
  • We were each assigned a partner for the project.

Detailed synonyms for partner noun

Partner, colleague, ally, cohort, sidekick, crony, comrade, accomplice significan un asociado.
  • Partner indica un asociado en negocios, o uno de dos asociados, como en el caso de ciertos juegos, de un baile o del matrimonio <had gone into business with two partners>.
    antonyms: rival
  • Colleague suele aplicarse a un asociado en oficio, o en relaciones profesionales o académicas <she liked her colleagues at the office>.
  • Ally connota una asociación, a menudo temporal, en causa común <became allies in the conflict even though they had hated each other for years>.
    antonyms: adversary
  • Cohort connota un amigo o un acompañante, frecuentemente de carácter dudoso <the police arrested the gang's leader and three of his cohorts>.
  • Sidekick indica el amigo, compañero o ayudante constante de alguien <Don Quixote's sidekick, Sancho Panza>.
  • Crony connota un amigo cercano o compañero, generalmente de mal carácter <he and his cronies could often be found in a dark corner of the bar>.
  • Comrade connota un amigo cercano o un asociado, especialmente uno que comparte una experiencia militar <he enjoys spending time with his old army comrades>.
  • Accomplice connota una persona que trabaja con o ayuda a alguien a hacer algo incorrecto o ilegal <he was convicted as an accomplice to murder>.

Related phrases for partner

Reverse translation for partner

asociarse  - to become partners 
compañero  - companion, mate, partner 
pareja  (en un juego, etc.) - couple, pair, partner, mate 
cónyuge  - spouse, partner 
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