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out adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
para afuera; fuera, afuera; en voz alta, en alto

Example sentences of
out adverb

  • He went out to the garden.
  • He looked out at the snow.
  • She poured the tea out.
  • The girl stuck her tongue out.
  • His shirttail was hanging out.
  • I heard a noise in the bushes and out jumped a cat!
  • He waited out in the hall.
  • I cleaned my car inside and out.
  • A car pulled up and two men got out.
  • He grabbed his coat and out he went.

Synonyms of
out adverb

out preposition

unfavorite favorite play sound
de, por; fuera de

out noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
(informal, figurado) salida, excusa

Example sentences of
out noun

  • The play resulted in an out.
  • With two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, he hit a home run to win the game.
  • He changed the wording of the contract to give himself an out.

out interjection

unfavorite favorite play sound

Reverse translation for out

fuera  - outside, out, abroad, away 
afuera  - out, outside, outdoors 
de  - of, from, in, at, than 
por  - for, during, as for, times, from, according to, as, for, by 
salida  (informal, figurado)
excusa  - excuse, apology 
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