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originate verb

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originated, has originated, is originating, originates
originar, iniciar, crear; originarse, empezar; provenir, proceder, derivarse

Example sentences of
originate verb

  • These stories originated during earlier times.
  • The book originated as a series of lectures.
  • The sound seemed to originate from outside the room.
  • The custom is believed to have originated in the western U.S.
  • He did not originate the idea.
  • The policy was originated by the previous administration.

Detailed synonyms for originate verb

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Reverse translation for originate

originar  - to originate, to give rise to 
iniciar  - to initiate, to begin 
crear  - to create, to cause, to originate 
originarse  - to originate, to begin 
empezar  - to start, to begin 
provenir  - to come from 
proceder  - to proceed, to act, to behave, to be appropriate, to be fitting 
derivarse  - to be derived from, to arise from 
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