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onerous adjective

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oneroso, gravoso
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She has the onerous task of checking all these files for possible errors.

Example sentences of
onerous adjective

  • The government imposed onerous taxes on imports.
  • They had the onerous and stressful job of notifying the families of soldiers killed in action.

Synonyms of
onerous adjective

Detailed synonyms for onerous adjective

Onerous, burdensome, oppressive, exacting, taxing, demanding significan que impone dificultad.
  • Onerous recalca lo laborioso y lo pesado, y suele describir algo que es fastidioso o desagradable <the onerous responsibilities he had been given>.
  • Burdensome connota una cualidad que causa tensión física, y sobre todo, mental <businesses complain about burdensome government regulations>.
    antonyms: light
  • Oppressive indica una dureza o severidad extrema, a menudo intolerable, en lo que se impone <oppressive taxation>.
  • Exacting indica rigor, severidad, o extrema intransigencia por parte del que exige, así como un extremo cuidado o precisión por parte de la persona o cosa que satisface estas exigencias <an exacting employer>.
  • Taxing connota hacer demandas pesadas <a taxing concert tour>.
  • Demanding sugiere que requiere demasiado tiempo, atención o esfuerzo <factory work can be physically demanding>, o que los requiere de otras personas <his most demanding teacher>.

Reverse translation for onerous

oneroso  - onerous, burdensome 
gravoso  - burdensome, onerous, costly 
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