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unfavorite favorite
fuera de servicio
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Two off-duty policemen having a snack before getting back to work

Example sentences of

  • A hospital physician is never truly off duty – emergencies may occur any time.
  • The suspect was spotted by a police officer, who was off duty but quick to report to her station.

off adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
más remoto, distante; empezado; apagado; cancelado, suspendido; erróneo, incorrecto; remoto, lejano; libre

Example sentences of
off adjective

  • The water is off.
  • The lever is in the off position.

Synonyms of
off adjective

duty noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
deber, obligación, responsabilidad; impuesto, arancel

Example sentences of
duty noun

  • His primary duty at the event is to take attendance.
  • If new employees are unable to carry out their duties, they may be fired.
  • She has a variety of adminsitrative duties.
  • We felt it was our duty to help.
  • He has a duty to support his family.
  • They helped her out of a sense of duty.
  • I'll be ready when duty calls.
  • Her brother returned from duty overseas.
  • a twelve-month tour of duty
  • Many reserve troops were called into active duty.

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