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now adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
ahora, ya, actualmente; ahora (mismo), inmediatamente; entonces

Example sentences of
now adverb

  • We were having trouble before, but everything's okay now.
  • I'm feeling much better now, thank you.
  • I love you now and I'll love you forever.
  • Now's the time for action.
  • “And now,” he said, “all we have to do is wait.”
  • “Can we talk?” “Not now. I'm really busy.”
  • He knows now that he was wrong.
  • Police have now identified the man who they believe stole the car.
  • Scientists now believe that the bones belong to a different species of reptile.
  • the now famous photograph of an American sailor kissing his young wife

Synonyms of
now adverb

now noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
now noun

  • A lot of things can happen between now and then.
  • The kids are supposed to be in bed by now.
  • That's enough for now, but we may need some more later.
  • Things are fine for now.
  • Fifty years from now you'll be telling your grandchildren about this day.
  • She's due back a week from now.
  • We'll be here from now until November.
  • From now on, no one can use my car without my permission.

Related phrases for now

Reverse translation for now

ahora  - now 
ya  - already, now, right now, later, soon, no longer, anymore, 
actualmente  - at present, nowadays 
ahora  (mismo) - now 
inmediatamente  - immediately 
entonces  - then 
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